Cigarette Manufacturing Equipment for Sale

Items are part of several modules and manufacturing lines and include pack lines, filter lines, make and pack lines, conveyor systems, and more. For additional information on this equipment or purchasing in whole or part, email or submit a contact form. 

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Cigarette Make/Pack Module 104 - 7200 Cigarettes/Minute View Equipment Video: Rebuilt 1990 Hauni Protos 80 Cigarette Manufacturing Machine, VE80 S/N: 35 /SE80 S/N:35; 1991 Hauni Max Max-90 Tipper, S/N: 3438, LSL PLC Control, Hauni 300S Laser; 2007 Molins Pegasus 3000 Receiver, S/N: 64294; 1991 Hauni RESY 300-M Reservoir, S/N: 670, 30K Capacity; Cigarette Specs: 7.75mm Diameter, 99mm Length, 31mm Filter; Slim Conversion Kit; ACT 386-052141 Microwave DIE Weight Control; 1991 Focke FPZ-350-S Packing Machine, S/N: 4455, 300 PPM, Pack Inserter, Siemens S5-135U PLC Control; 1991 Focke 800 Pack Reservoir, S/N 4456; 1991 Focke 401 Wrapper, S/N: 4457, 135mm Width, Print Registration, Registered Cellophane Kit, Shrinking Heater; 2013 Payne MK4 Tear Tape Unit, S/N: 4MK40266; 1991 Focke 361 Cartoner, S/N: 4458; 1987 Focke 485 Case Packer, S/N: 3486, Siemens S5-115U PLC Control