Cigarette Manufacturing Equipment for Sale

Items are part of several modules and manufacturing lines and include pack lines, filter lines, make and pack lines, conveyor systems, and more. For additional information on this equipment or purchasing in whole or part, email or submit a contact form. 

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SOLD 1991 Hauni Protos Max 90 TipperB12, 4th Floor S/N: 3464; SOLD Universelle SE 80 UNI Maker (Rebuilt 1991) B12, 4th Floor Nr. 75; SOLD Hauni Compact Cascade MFTF Tray Filler B12, 4th Floor Nr. 1576; AVAILABLE Loveshaw LD7DM/50 Case Packer B12, 4th Floor S/N: 121944637M; AVAILABLE Loveshaw LD7/2 Case Packer B12, 4th Floor S/N: 421993237M