Cigarette Manufacturing Equipment for Sale

Items are part of several modules and manufacturing lines and include pack lines, filter lines, make and pack lines, conveyor systems, and more. For additional information on this equipment or purchasing in whole or part, email or submit a contact form. 

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Module 213: 2008 Focke F-5 Case Packer View Equipment Video: Model 550, S/N: 14268, 500 PPM, 100mm, Beckhoff PLC Control; FPZ-741 Pack Reservoir, S/N: 14269; FPZ-751 Wrapper, S/N: 14270; 2008 Focke 411 Cartoner, S/N: 14271; 2013 Focke 520 Carton Conveyor, S/N: 17485; Makoprint X4 JET Plus Inkjet Printer; 2013 Resy 300-2 Massflow Reservoir, S/N: 329070/020, 60K Capacity